Lower Taxes.
Improve Education.
Reduce Government.
Create Jobs By Removing Red Tape.


As the economy in Georgia continues to improve, people remain cautious. After the last downturn many Georgians want better paying jobs that offer more stability. When business prospers, our economy grows.  Lower spending and lower taxes are the first steps to creating economic opportunity.  Jesse has worked for an efficient and effective state government. He fights to bring new jobs to our community by creating an environment that allows business to grow without government interference.  He will continue to look for ways to encourage businesses to add jobs and invest in our State by fighting against government red tape.  Jesse is also pushing for improved transportation solutions so our region can grow and prosper. He supports the continued expansion of Georgia’s ports. He supports the Rule of Law and opposes allowing Georgia to become a sanctuary for illegal immigration.


Jesse understands the value of protecting our right to bear arms. As a husband and father he knows how important it is to have the right to bear arms to protect one’s family. Jesse is a proud member of the NRA. A gun-owner for over forty years, Jesse is working to protect our Second Amendment rights. With the threat of gun control from Washington DC, it is more important than ever to ensure our citizens have the full rights they are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.


Jesse believes that you know how to spend your money better than the government.  If families, farmers, and small businesses kept more of their hard-earned money, they would be able to invest in their businesses and local economy.  This means more jobs and opportunities.  Jesse knows that we have to keep taxes low so families can survive and thrive.  At the same time, we have to make sure we can fund vital government services.

That’s why he successfully worked to amend the Georgia Constitution, placing a constitutional cap on the state income tax. As a result, politicians will not be able to raise state income taxes in the future without voter approval.

Jesse supports not only capping our state income tax, but rolling back the state income tax. A better system would shift from the anti-growth, complicated income tax, to a simplified state consumption tax. This would allow us to compete better with neighboring states that do not have income tax. Georgia will send a message to Washington that the Fair Tax needs to replace the income tax nationwide.


Jesse has experience teaching in the classroom.  Having first hand knowledge of education, Jesse knows we must challenge our students and give them the tools they need to succeed.  We must empower parents so that they are partners in educating their children.  We must reward educators, strive towards excellence, and restore discipline to the classroom.  Finally, our educational system should instill traditional values and create a desire to learn. Our children are the workforce of the future, and our educational system is the best tool we have for economic development.   All children should move on when ready and should not be held back by chronically failing schools. The State should partner with local school districts to increase academic performance.


Our Veterans have put their lives on the line to protect us and Jesse understands we owe them a debt of gratitude. With cases of abuse and neglect found in VA clinics around the nation and particularly in Georgia, we must step up to help our veterans to make sure they are getting the care they need and deserve. We must continue to open opportunities for veterans in our communities. Jesse will not forget what they have done for us.


Jesse Stone believes that faith and family are the cornerstones of our local community & nation.  Jesse is pro-life, supports our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and believes in traditional marriage. We can count on Jesse to defend our values and protect religious liberty. Jesse will continue to fight for Criminal Justice Reform to improve public safety and to save taxpayers from wasteful spending. Jesse is working to strengthen law enforcement’s ability to protect the most vulnerable citizens, our children and the elderly, and to reduce domestic violence.


There is nothing more sacred than protecting our right to exercise religious faith without interference from the government. Jesse Stone knows how important it is for us to protect people of all faiths from government intrusion at every level. Faith and morality are essential to the fabric of our society. Our founders understood this by protecting it in the Bill of Rights. The free exercise of religion is a fundamental right which deserves the highest level of protection. Jesse will continue to support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and related legislation again in the upcoming legislative session.


Jesse Stone has the experience we need.  His record of cutting taxes, building infrastructure, eliminating wasteful government spending, attracting major industrial prospects, and growing local industry is what we need.  Jesse is a leader among conservatives in the Georgia State Senate.  Jesse will work with other conservative senators to provide solutions to get our economy moving again and put our neighbors back to work. Conservatives are the firewall that prevents establishment liberal politicians from undermining our beliefs and values we hold close.

Jesse was one of a small number of conservative senators who voted AGAINST an enormous tax increase in Georgia during the 2015 legislative session. Intense pressure was applied by special interests but Jesse stood firm in the quiet, yet steadfast and firm manner he is known for in his district.

Although a dedicated public servant, Jesse is not a career politician. Jesse is a citizen legislator who works for a living back home in his District.

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